If you have recently installed or replaced your HVAC system, or you have a system that is getting along in years, you have probably heard tons of tips and advice on how to properly care for and maintain it. HVAC companies often advise homeowners have it inspected and maintained every year, but a lot of people just don’t understand why it’s necessary. The truth is, failing to invest in HVAC maintenance may come with a few consequences. Here are some serious risks you may face if you ignore routine HVAC maintenance.

Poor indoor air quality

Poor maintenance can lead to health hazards being carried by circulating air. Dust, debris and even mold may build up in the air filter over time. If you ignore HVAC maintenance, then these nasty airborne particles will be circulating throughout your home. Don’t be surprised if you or any member of the family is sneezing or coughing when inside the house. It’s because you and your family are breathing in all these junk.

Costly repairs

If you fail to keep your system well-maintained, you increase the risk of breakdowns, which can lead to costly repairs. When you wait until something breaks, it will cost you more. Regular preventive maintenance can ward off major problems down the road.  Allowing these issues to persist will shorten the lifespan of the system and render your wallet empty.

Efficiency problems

It is easy to assume that your HVAC system is running efficiently just because it keeps you home cool or warm. Without maintenance, you will then realize that it is taking too long to cool or warm your home. This is probably because the air filter or the vent is clogged; thus, pushing the system to work harder in order to reach the temperature you have set. Simple tasks like changing your air filter can be very helpful.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of your furnace. It vents out poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide away from your home. If it gets damaged, toxic gas may get into your home. These cracks may go unnoticed without regular maintenance. Large exposure can lead to significant toxicity of the heart, central nervous system and worse, death. Trust our licensed technicians to keep your system working in a safe, reliable and efficient manner by enrolling in our annual maintenance program. This convenient and cost effective maintenance program allows you to keep your equipment properly maintained with annual Precision Tune Up’s, savings on any diagnostic fees or necessary repairs, priority service, and more. Contact us for all of the details!