After a long and dreary winter, we know that Air Conditioner season will be here before we know it. We have some helpful advice about getting ready for the upcoming AC season. Check out our top 4 recommendations: 


  1. Don’t wait until it’s sweltering inside your home to turn the AC on. Beat the heat and turn your AC on ahead of any heat/humid weather. Bill recommends setting your thermostat at 75*F/23*C as a good starting point. AC season does not equal sweater weather inside your home!


2. Please check/change your furnace filter. The number one reason for no-cooling calls in the first few weeks of AC season is due to dirty furnace filters restricting air flow and causing system problems.


3. Be on the lookout for anything unusual when you turn your AC on. Strange noises, water dripping and/or signs of freezing are things that should not be ignored. A quick phone call to our office can help to sort out what’s happening and together we can figure out the proper course of action.


4. Digital thermostats have a battery indicator on the display that will flash if the battery is low. If you notice the indicator flashing, please replace your batteries while ensuring that you place the batteries in the correct direction in the thermostat to avoid a malfunction.


We will be starting to coordinate our regular maintenance appointments to begin as we flip the calendar to June. Rest assured, taking care of our Maintenance Program Customers and our repeat customers is a high priority on the job board and we do not take on new customers until we have our footing under us with the start of AC season. If we completed your maintenance last June, you can expect to hear from us in June for scheduling (weather dependent, of course!) and so on for July and August. If you’d like to know more about our maintenances services, please send us a PM, comment below, or check out


We are committed to providing our loyal customers with the care and service that we have been known for since 2010. We appreciate everyone’s patience when it comes to scheduling and coordinating service and maintenance appointments.