When the sun is shining and the temperatures start to climb, we see an increase in the number of inquiries we receive by phone and email about air conditioner installations. The most common question is ‘How much is an air conditioner’? Our response is always ‘It depends’! It’s not always the answer that people want, but it’s the truth. There are many factors that influence the installation price of air conditioner, including:

• Size and layout of home, windows, insulation values and exposure
• Current condition of existing furnace and duct work
• Efficiency rating and features of AC unit being installed
• Size of AC unit being installed
• Complexity of the installation

Don’t be misled by companies that are willing to provide you with a firm installation price, sight unseen over the phone or via email. If the only question asked of you is ‘how big is your house’ and then a price is given to you on the spot, beware that all of the factors listed above aren’t being taken into consideration. It’s realistic that you may be given a price range for typical installation requirements upfront as a starting point. We encourage you to base your decision to purchase on accurate information provided by a qualified licensed contractor after they have visited your home and reviewed the requirements for a new installation with you.

Purchasing an air conditioner (or other home comfort equipment for that matter) is a major investment that will impact you for many years. Partner with a contractor who is able to give you fair and accurate information and treat you as a ‘customer for life’. You’ll have the reassurance and peace of mind in knowing that you made the best decision for you and that your investment is sound.