We all have the best of intentions when it comes to regular maintenance on things like our cars, our homes, and our furnaces. Life is certainly busy and it is easy to forget about your furnace until it breaks down or starts acting up. We call this ‘Unintentional Neglect’. You don’t mean for it to happen…but it just does.

At the start of heating season, we receive numerous calls that can be attributed to lack of maintenance. It’s unfortunate because a lot of problems can be avoided with routine service and maintenance. Do any of these common customer comments that we hear sound familiar to you?

Your furnace is a lot like your car; it needs regular service and maintenance to help keep it working in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Without regular service, it can become dirty and this will put additional strain on components, leading to performance issues and premature parts failures. A well maintained furnace costs less to operate, and will certainly last longer than a furnace that has suffered from “Unintentional Neglect”.

Regular furnace maintenance not only keeps your equipment working at its best, it also gives you peace of mind. If your furnace is covered by a manufacturer’s parts warranty, regular maintenance can help to protect your warranty as maintenance records may be required in the case of a warranty claim. Most importantly, having a reliable furnace as well as a relationship with a local, trusted heating contractor can go a long way in keeping you comfortable in your home.

Is your furnace suffering from ‘Unintentional Neglect’? We can help! Contact us to chedule your furnace maintenance today.