Did you know that the time change to Daylight Savings is a perfect time to do a few quick maintenance updates in your home? From our home to yours, we’ve got some quick tips here to help keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Change the filter in your furnace.  It’s helpful to use the time change as a reminder to check and change your furnace filter.  Better yet…set a reminder on your smartphone or calendar to check your filters monthly.  A dirty filter can cause unnecessary breakdowns and can also compromise your indoor air quality.
  • Change the batteries in your thermostat.  Most new digital thermostats have a battery in them and a lot of homeowners don’t realize that they need to change the batteries regularly.  It’s easy!  Simply pull the faceplate off of the wall mount and turn it over to check for batteries.  When you do replace the batteries, ensure that you put them in the proper direction to avoid a thermostat failure.  Failed batteries can result in a loss of communication and your furnace will not operate.  A quick check of this will keep you comfortable in your home.
  • Check your Carbon Monoxide Detector.  CO detectors have an expiry date on the back of them, so it’s a good reminder to use the time change as your signal to check the expiry and replace the batteries.  Pay attention to beeps and flashing indicator lights; some models will warn you if the battery is low or the unit is failing.
  • Check your Smoke Detector.  Over the years, we’ve all gotten into the habit of being more aware of our smoke detectors, but don’t forget to change the batteries when you change your clocks.  Press the ‘test’ button to ensure you’ve got proper unit operation as well.

Taking a few minutes to go over this checklist will help keep your home comfort and safety equipment working properly.  If you live in Haldimand County and have any questions or would like to arrange an Inspection or Maintenance Service, just let us know.  We are here to help.

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